We imagined  Atomic as a retro-vintage brand with fantastic potential. This illustrated set of holiday cards seeks to create a world of nostalgia where anything is possible.  It includes a Christmas Card for 2013, Wedding Cards, and a birthday card with dance fun and magic. Atomic Ballroom is a retro-themed ballroom located in the heart of Orange County. Their tagline is "for the whole nuclear family." Atomic, as it is affectionately called by it's clientele, is a warm and safe environment with a friendly atmosphere. Atomic was searching for a way to further connect with their clientele and commissioned myself and Graphic Designer Augie Freeman to put our heads together and create a set of holiday cards.

Our goal was to communicate the warmth and light-hearted voice of Atomic Ballroom while also keeping the theme consistent. We started the process with mood-boarding and thumbnails, sketching, and ink drawings. We also conducted light and color studies, as well as detailed iterative rendering in Adobe Illustrator. 

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