Inspiration Weekend, an annual local swing dance event in Orange County, prides itself in having live jazz, top notch dance instruction, wild and crazy parties, and some of the most inspiring dance competitions. The organization was looking for a design that represented the youthful excitement of Lindy Hop and served as an iconic representation of both the dance and the event. 
In collaboration with Graphic Designer, Augie Freeman
A classic dance deserves classic design. Scrounging through archives of vintage photography we found inspiration from Life Magazine's August 23rd (1943) issue of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Leon James and Willa Mae Rucker.  This iconic photo was the perfect symbol of Inspiration Weekend's values and personality. The only regret was that there were not enough shirts printed to meet the demand. 
The shirt embodies Inspiration Weekend's attitude towards Lindy Hop and inspiring young dancers by taking something that is old and adding a fresh twist and some individuality while also generating a sense of community.

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