I have had the distinct honor and opportunity to conceptualize, ideate and single handedly execute nearly every aspect of this brand from identity to packaging design and everything in between. In order to establish a tone that would set us apart in the market, I chose three attributes that didn't hide from but rather embraced the 'cheapness' of the product: casual, tongue-in-cheek and fun. After a lot of visual research into like minded brands as well as some cartoon television shows such as Rick and Morty, I got to work with sketching out some logo ideas. 
The logo mark for Oh Well was hand crafted in Procreate. The objective was to encapsulate whimsy and approachability. I took the sketch into illustrator and vectorized the logo, creating multiple color solutions and icons.
The three primary colors and patterns selected were intentionally 'yucky' to represent the less pleasant aspects of cannabis flower and oil. Again, the brand objective was to fully embrace it's 'yuckiness' even though the products themselves are pretty high quality. It was imperative to counterbalance the 'yucky' brand aspects with more charming qualities as well to keep the brand feeling fresh and trustworthy.
Packaging Design

The Oh Well packaging uses a casual illustration style that reinforces the feeling of offbeat charm and casual, tongue-in-cheek wit. 12 unique hand-crafted illustrations were created in Procreate and vectorized in Illustrator to prepare for print. Below are some examples of the print ready PDFs with vector artwork created (all 12 designs for both Flower and Vape bags were set up this way and sent to the vendor.)
All 12 bag designs for both the cannabis flower and vape packaging.
Social Media
Social media is just another platform to 'speak' with our casual and approachable tone without appearing too low-effort. The social media kit my colleague Leah Lombos and I pitched includes animations, lifestyle shots and mockups, lifestyle images of the 'stoner' variety and humorous stories sent to us by our followers.
I created animations for each bag design for the purposes of social media use. I included two of these animations in my social media starter kit for this brand.

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